Brick house


Weatherboard house



“As a team we strive to be ... professional, communicative, respectful, honest and hard working. Above all you are trusting us To deliver. If we are not fulfilling that ... let us know and let us grow”

Painting outside

Start times – Generally 730am - 330pm. We bring our own tea coffee milk kettle etc (We are police checked by the way!)

Our request for access to your home.

Access to outside power is great, if possible. Access to a toilet is desirable. Access to the surfaces to be painted. This may require you as an owner to take a fresh look at your home from a differ perspective. Walk the perimeter of your home if painting is to happen there and make sure to remove any items that are against the house and may affect access.

Trim back overgrown garden that might hamper works. If help is required, we are happy to assist. We are also garden savvy and are able to prune and trim. Access inside the home if you are not available to open/close windows for painting into the window cavity.

Starting the Transformation

Identify and spot prime any raw or exposed timber. Sand/scrape, fill, sand, and undercoat only that part. Now that ALL surfaces are sealed they can be dusted down and sugar soap washed.

Filling, gapping, scraping, sanding, and sometimes replacing timbers. The surfaces are now ready for general preparation such as repairing gaps with a high quality, flexible gapping compound that will resist cracking, or scraping down old paint drips or a poor finishing cut against the window glass We sand with the latest, rechargeable sanders that almost make hand sanding redundant and keep our prices down and our quality up...

Good tools really help! The quality of the fillers used outdoors is very important for longevity. I’ve spent many occasions digging out prematurely failed fillers, it has taught me a lot about what works and what doesn’t. But sometimes you just have to replace the wood and that’s where are use our carpentry services.

The painting

All surfaces should be clean, dry and blemish free. Paint maybe applied by brush, roller or spray depending upon circumstance. To use any other than a high quality paint at this point would be a waste of good preparation and a complete false economy.

Allow to dry, check for defects again and on a much smaller scale, gap, scape, fill and spot paint anything that has escaped initial preparation. Apply final coat and inspect and touch up if necessary.

The Cleanup

Using a wide blade window scraper clean drips and spots from Windows. Remove any rubbish, dirt or debris remaining. Replace any moved garden furniture or planters if removed by us.

Painting inside

Access to internal surfaces to be painted

This means the owner has organised the Removal and/or rearranging of the furniture concerned, the wall decorations paintings etc, the removal of trinkets, ornaments and memorabilia and delicate or expensive items. The removal of clothes from wardrobes if internal is to be painted and replacement of window coverings such as blinds curtains etc.

If you need help with any of these requirements, speak to us before we arrive on day 1 or at quotation stage.


Furniture via disposable plastic sheeting. Floors via painters drop sheets. Polished mantelpieces etc via masking paper.


In a whole house repaint at least two to three rooms are taken out of action and then completed. In this manner we are able to achieve access and efficiency whilst maintaining quality, consistency and value for money.

Ceilings, walls and woodwork are carefully checked for defects, patched, scraped, gapped and sanded then spot undercoated prior to painting. Windows are checked for operation. Excess paint on glass including previously inaccurate cutting is removed.

The painting

Generally two coats are quoted in a high quality paint. In some circumstances ceilings in good condition require only one coat, woodwork may require three coats ...

Your colour choices will influence coat requirements. Your quote will indicate an estimated number of coats. Often at quotation, colours haven’t been discussed in detail. This needs to be finalised before your scheduled painting date.

The cleanup

Remove all protection. Vacuum or sweep floors as required. Scrape glass of any paint.Return to position anything we removed.

If you need any assistance, call and we can discuss your options.