Why choose us?

“Our  business platform is customer satisfaction.

We know that without a customer we have no purpose,

and without satisfied customers we have no future.’’

Paul Sargeant  

Owner Operator

First and foremost, is a commitment to a quality outcome. Good paint, good prep and long experience.

We are a professional painting company, not a home improvement company which offers painting as one of their many services. 

With more than 25 years experience in the field  our mission to provide a great  finish at a fair and reasonable cost becomes very achievable as our clients testimonials prove.

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On time appointments and job timelines. We are a bit OCD on time


Clear, concise and written and spoken then promptly emailed.


Fair and reasonable to do the job properly.


The outcome of patience, care and expertise


For your home and possessions With good protection techniques.


We will do what we promised and often more.

Our Recent
Completed Projects

Refreshing your weather board !

Refreshing your weather board !

Wrot management

Weather board repainting